I hosted a chat with other research chef friends in the industry for a few culinary professional friends who have considered the career field or who are seeking roles in the field.

A chef-friend emailed me a whole list of questions, and I figured, instead of answering the questions myself, I would invite other research chefs to share their insights as well. We didn’t get to all the questions but did get a good introduction started. It seems a follow-up discussion would be really helpful.

Questions that he shared with our group:

How did you get into the research chef field ? 

Please name three positive and three negative (if any) aspects of the industry you have observed

What is the biggest piece of advice you can give someone trying to break into the field from the restaurant side of things?

What are the best resources for looking for possible opportunities in this industry? 

Is there any particular courses or accreditations outside of a college degree to pursue that would be beneficial to someone transitioning into this field ? 

How long have you been working in the industry ? 

How would you describe the basics of this industry to someone who hasn’t worked in the field?

How is your work to life balance? silly question, but it must be asked!

What does an average day look like in your job?

What should I know about this field that may not be obvious from the outside?


Would you like to join the next conversation? Please comment below.

Some of the attendees have agreed to be contacted as mentors. Please reach out to me, and I’ll connect you.

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