To start by saying that 2020 has been the most insane half-year ever is a gross understatement. In some ways I’ve seen our world and communities come together, focusing on a distant horizon of “better,” while recognizing that a lot of work needs to be done to get there. In others, I’ve seen fear and suspicion lead to traumatized relationships.

In all this, people have continued to eat, and our food industry has continued to produce, but in different areas, at different volumes, and at different costs. I’ve kept the podcast schedule essentially on track, with a very brief acknowledgement of today’s challenges, because the show is focused on the industry, not on social justice. But, a holistic view of the industry does have to include the challenges that each of our members take on, and I will not be silent about this. 

As we move into the next season, we are pivoting the podcast from guest-focused interviews to topic-focused features. Now you’ll be able to hear more diverse perspectives about a single subject in the same episode. 

I have loved the insights shared by the guests who have joined the show, whether they were experienced research chefs sharing their hard-earned lessons, or entrepreneurs discovering the complexities of the food industry. Thank you for following it for the past four years, and I’m hopeful that it can continue for the years to come. 

As we pivot to the new style, I decided to indulge in a monologue about my journey, to share with you some of the influences that led me to the product development world. Next week, we’ll look at career management and how involvement in a professional organization can shape your growth as a worker and eventually a leader.

TraceGains is a proud sponsor of PeasOnMoss. TraceGains is a cloud-based supplier relationship and quality management platform that helps food and consumer-packaged goods companies deliver on brand promise.  

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