We’re taking a break this week from our usual interview show to give our community time to consider the events of the week and our individual and social responsibilities to seek social justice for every single member of our food and beverage industry and of our society overall. I have been so blessed and honored to share the stories of our diverse food and beverage community, and it’s in the spirit of sharing the stories that I stand with our black community as we all struggle through recent violence, murder, and subsequent protests and riots.

Racism has no place in our community, and we all hurt when one member is hurt. Right now, it’s our black brothers and sisters who are being hurt disproportionately to others. 

There are various organizations that provide information about the issues, the systemic racism, and actions we can take, including changing how we talk about race issues, how to identify racist behaviors and attitudes, how to educate and learn from each other, and how we can work together for solutions. 

Here is a list of resources I’ve referenced to help me learn. They’re from several perspectives, from businesses to specific advocacy groups, spiritual (Christian) perspectives and industry announcements. If you have some others that I could share, please let me know.


Anguish and Action 

Equal Justice Initiative

Southern Poverty Law Center

National Museum of African American History & Culture

World Vision

Suicide Awareness – 86 the silence

American Psychological Association

The Good Men Project


Ben & Jerry’s

Research Chefs Association


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