Chef Wiley Bates III strongly feels that if he hadn’t worked for the chefs and supervisors he had, he doesn’t know where his career would have gone. Now, as a corporate chef and manager, he takes it as his mission to find the people on his team who need that type of nudge, too. Mentorship isn’t an accidental activity – it’s deliberate, it’s observant, and it’s flexible. In this preview, Chef takes us through his mentorship theory and gives middle managers some action items to start implementing in our workplaces.

The coronavirus pandemic has struck us hard, but I’ve been amazed by how we have come together to support wherever we can. If you are able to donate, there are various nonprofits for restaurants and hospitality industry workers, including World Central Kitchen, Mercy Chefs, Big Table, and the James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund. Find out about your local community efforts to support small food businesses and continue to be active. I’m looking forward to seeing you in person at a future conference, but for now, I am proud to be able to still bring you these podcast episodes and am grateful for the support and friendship of this community.