James Beard awarded Chef Kenji Lopez-Alt is recognized as a solid resource in the food writing and professional world as a writer who takes the time to gather the facts and produce well-researched, thoughtful articles, tested and true recipes, and leadership by example. From his work on Serious Eats, a food website sharing articles, recipes, insights, and science with a variety of readers, to the publication of the food-science-based cookbook The Food Lab, and contributions to the New York Times, Chef Kenji also serves as the chef partner for the Bay Area-based restaurant Wursthall.

He is experiencing firsthand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. In all that, he took the time to work with a few food safety experts to share his up-to-date knowledge about coronavirus and whether food and food service play a role in transmission. His long article helps to clarify and calm fears, and he plans to continue updating it since his first publication on March 20 and recent update March 30. I caught up with Chef Kenji to quickly talk about why he wrote the article and to share his observations to date. Check out the article – Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide – and be sure to go back occasionally to see what has been updated. Chef Kenji is active on Instagram and Twitter and very, very responsive to thoughtful engagement. 


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