Catalina Crunch founder Krishna Kaliannan is our guest for the PeasOnMoss podcast this week.

Krishna Kaliannan is the Founder and CEO of Catalina Crunch, a Keto-Friendly Cereal in Delicious Dark Chocolate and Cinnamon Toast. Krishna started Catalina Crunch because he believed it shouldn’t be so darn hard to eat Keto and have fun doing it! As a Type-1 Diabetic and Epileptic, Keto has helped Krishna both manage his diabetes and eliminate seizures. So Krishna is trying to spread Keto as far and wide as possible so folks all over can experience the benefits.

Beyond the need-based innovation, Krishna has really embraced the learning curve of getting to know the food industry. Perhaps its his science background that enabled him identify and embrace industry-specific terms, or perhaps its a realization that success in food business start ups is to both bring an innovative product and to become a subject matter expert as quickly as possible.

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