Chef Jaime Mestan is the recently promoted VP of Culinary Innovation at Vienna Beef, and she’s an executive board member for the Research Chefs Association, public speaker, author, and newly minted career coach. Chef Jaime represents the next generation of research chefs, who mix together our culinary experiences with food manufacturing processing and food science and technology.  When she’s not doing product innovation for Vienna Beef, Chef Jaime has written a book (Networking for Noobs) and offers career coaching (Line2Lab) for culinary professionals looking for ways to get into R&D.

For both Chef Jaime and Kimberly, involvement in the Research Chefs Association has helped us solidify our identities and our craft as research chefs and has provided opportunities for us to volunteer, lead, and give back. Come meet us at the upcoming RCA conference April 15-17 in San Diego and set your career apart.

Looking for a different, in-depth, and personal conference about product strategy? The American Food Innovate Summit takes place in Chicago March 2-3, 2020. Hear from legacy brands and start-ups and how they’re innovating and leading food trends.

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