VP of Culinary Innovation at Vienna Beef Chef Jaime Mestan is also the Treasurer for the Research Chefs Association, so when Chef Jaime and I talk about the RCA, we automatically reflect on the history of the organization, how far it has come, and what its future could look like.

In addition to her work in product innovation and volunteering at the RCA, chef Jaime has also just published an e-book about professional networking, called Networking for Noobs. Check it out on Amazon. Interested in finding out how to grow your career? Chef Jaime also offers coaching focused on chefs interested in crossing to R&D at Line2Lab.

Looking for a different, in-depth, and personal conference about product strategy? The American Food Innovate Summit takes place in Chicago March 2-3, 2020. Hear from legacy brands and start-ups and how they’re innovating and leading food trends.

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