Season 3 sponsor TraceGains Founder and CEO Gary Nowacki is here this week on PeasOnMoss to share about TraceGains and the technology solutions they bring to food manufacturers and CPG brands making their work more efficient. TraceGains is a cloud-based platform that helps food and consumer-packaged goods companies innovate faster. TraceGains Network is where R&D, procurement, quality, and regulatory departments discover and collaborate with over 27,000 global supplier sites to safely bring new products to market.

Check out their demo and see how they can help you, no matter the size of your business. 

We’re so grateful that TraceGains saw value in PeasOnMoss and have helped us pay for fees that it takes to record, edit, and host the show. Gary even interviewed Kimberly on the TraceGains C to C podcast, and you can find the episode here.