This is a really special episode for folks who have been listening to the podcast for a few years. Deepak Rajmohan was a season two guest while he was studying his masters of food science at Oklahoma State University.

He had shared how he reached out to over 200 professionals on LinkedIn and spoken with over 50 to learn about the industry and to get some advice.

Fast forward two years, and Deepak had graduated and worked for Danone in the Happy Family Organics group.

We reconnected at the American Food Innovate Summit – a surprise reunion for us both – and scheduled a podcast catch up.

Since that meetup, though, Deepak has taken the plunge into entrepreneurship and has moved home to India.

In this episode, Deepak reflects on his journey so far and gives some hints about his early stage research. He also talks about US vs Indian food industry, functional ingredients, and the receptivity to his bringing his culture to his workplace with ideas for innovation. This was such a fun episode to record with Deepak, and he’ll definitely be back.

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