Today’s guest is Director of R&D for La Terra Fina, Dan Howell. We met at the 2019 American Food Innovate Summit in Chicago, the organization for whom he is the chair person. He and his sales & marketing colleague Stephanie Robbins gave a talk about emotional intelligence and how building strong friendships in a company and a project team leads to better product development.

I was so intrigued, and Dan joined me on the show to elaborate on several of the insights he and Stephanie shared. He also chatted about how he annoyed his way into an internship at Mattson, and how his policy of being completely honest about his experience and his company’s needs have led to his career success.

As the chair of the American Food Innovate Summit, he gets to open for several of the talks at the event. When registration opens for the US summit, I’ll share the link. This year, we’ll also be featuring several of the 2019 speakers on the podcast, so stay tuned.

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