Dr. Ashley Colpaart is the founder and CEO of The Food Corridor, a national network of shared commercial kitchen space serving small food companies. Director of Community Rachael Miller was an early season 3 guest and shared the concept of connecting commercial kitchen space owners to possible rental clients. Finding a commercial space can be so challenging and is a hurdle in starting a food business. Food incubation and food business development are key in helping entrepreneurs break into the industry, and it’s big business now. 

Ashley is joining us on this special recording sharing about the upcoming Food Incubation Summit in Austin, Texas. Tickets are on sale now. 

Info about the event: The only event of its kind, the annual Food Incubation Summit is 2-day event complete with education sessions, tours, networking events, and culminating in an evening of food, music, and celebration of all things food incubation. Each year The Food Incubation Summit explores a city’s strengths, challenges, and best practices in building a vibrant food system, directly from local leaders that live, work and eat there.