While I was at the Summer Fancy Food Show, I was invited to join Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru, on the Specialty Food Association News Live, which was recorded throughout the show.

Phil introduced me as a consultant, so I answered a few questions for how I try to help potential clients, introduced through our culinology network of colleagues and friends. I am not creating an R&D consultancy, and PeasOnMoss is still primarily a podcast and resource for those in active product development.

It was a great honor to join Phil on the show, see the backend of a professional media group, and to have a moment to share PeasOnMoss with a different audience. Big thanks to Vanessa Rodriguez and Tony Kucenski from the Supermarket Guru team for inviting me onto the news show and facilitating the broadcast.

In this interview I reference personalized nutrition, but I don’t do a great job answering what it is. Fortunately, my friend, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Ashley Besecker from Crave Health, has already written about it. Get information about genetic testing and personalized nutrition at Crave Health’s website.

If you are looking for an R&D consultant to help you out, here are a few options.


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