Adam Yee is the founder of the popular podcast and website My Food Job Rocks!, and I have really enjoyed watching his career and business grow over the past years. You can hear past interviews of both of us on each other’s pages to get our backstories.

Adam attended the Research Chefs Association conference this year, and it was so fun to see our worlds come together. Adam has been doing a lot as an entrepreneur and has been traveling quite a bit, so we decided to commemorate our third year of podcasting.

In this episode, you’ll hear us recap his trips and some of the insights he shared with the different food science program students he’s been presenting to. We also discuss how to build a career and how to address imposter syndrome.

This podcast has been sponsored by Icon Foods for two years, and we’re so grateful for their continued commitment to PeasOnMoss. Founder Thom King was a season 2 guest and also appeared on Adam’s show. Contact Icon Foods to explore high intensity and natural sweetener solutions that will help you reduce your sugar usage, and ask them about their work with allulose.