Hi there, amazing human!

Welcome to the Peas on Moss platform, and into a representation of my brain.

One thing I have in common with most people is my love for food. I start salivating at the thought of piping hot jalebi dripping with rabri.

I am Swaroopini Ramachandran, don’t worry, even people from my country don’t get my name right. I go by the name Roo, as in kangaroo, and coincidentally, as in Swaroopini. I just finished my Master’s in Food Science from McGill University. I’m slowly moving from chaos to a career. This blog is my personal expression of learning.

I find comfort in colours of reactions, peaks on a chromatogram, and the sight of first growth in a reactor. When I am not hiding from the rest of the world in the lab, doing ground-breaking research, I can be found on the boardwalk of the beautiful Saint Lawrence River. Eyes into a book while munching a snack or curled up with a cup of coffee watching Doctor Who and doodling.

Before my master’s in food science, I did my bachelor’s in biotechnology in India. It was a fun experience and I dabbled in multiple areas. I started out with dreamy eyes, working as a research trainee, trying to isolate Camptothecin from plant sources. I then moved on to having fun with microorganisms and producing enzymes. My fungi had names and I called them my babies (hehe). There on, I started working on immobilizing these enzymes and using them to debitter citrus juices (no sugar for Roo) or producing flavour esters. I worked in University of Sherbrooke and fell in love with Montreal. My love for food, came along with me, from the streets of New Delhi, to the classes at McGill.  

This blog is a feeble attempt to put my crazy thoughts into some semblance of order; to understand some ideas, and to break it down to others. This blog is going to be about food safety, and other interesting trends and topics related to food science/ safety. This is the first time I am writing a blog, so please show some love and more importantly, guidance. I look forward to engaging conversations with professionals in the industry and beyond. I hope to put up contents worth your read and improve along the way.

Happy reading y’all.