A few weeks ago, The Wright Group’s Rena Cohen-First served as a keynote speaker at Supply Side West and discussed the opportunities and challenges that women leaders face in the workplace. She invited me to join her on the Healthy Insider Podcast, hosted by Sandy Almendarez, to share my career and some of the opportunities that I have been blessed to take advantage of to create a fulfilling and very busy career.

We discussed my “side hustle” of PeasOnMoss – a side activity that I do because I believe there is a need for hearing the insights about the industry and from the experiences of professionals in food manufacturing. In the first three years, I’ve been able to share stories of chefs, product developers, scientists, industry professionals, and start-up entrepreneurs. I am even sponsored by one business, Icon Foods, and I hope that the podcast can become self-sustaining in one year. We’ve even started selling branded t-shirts!

The inspiration comes from The Mentee Podcast and the entrepreneurial mentorship group founded by Geoff Woods. I have been surrounded by managers and mentors who have seen potential in me and who have provided opportunities for me to rise to the occasion, and they gave me insights into their lives and lessons learned. These are now collected in the PeasOnMoss podcast and available for you to also benefit from the interviews.

We also mention the imposter syndrome and an episode that recently discussed it. That was a recording that I did with fellow podcaster Katie Jones, the host of the Food Heroes Podcast. We don’t dig too deeply into it, but Rena used it as an example of the types of topics we discuss on PeasOnMoss. I was thrilled that this was something she found interesting. I want the podcast to be valuable to the audience, addressing topics and categories that are of interest. Her feedback bolstered the sense that we’re going in the right direction with the show.

It was such a wonderful surprise and honor to be a guest on the Healthy Insider podcast. I don’t feel like an adequate representative for the millennial woman leader, but it was a great honor to be included.


Let me know what you think of the podcast episode, the topic of building a healthy culture of competition and celebration in the workplace, and the times you have faced imposter syndrome.

See you in Chicago at the American Food Innovate Summit! Click on the link on the PeasOnMoss main page to get 20% off the registration fee.