It’s that time of the year again for IFT 2018!

For those who do not know what IFT this, it is one of the biggest conferences of food professionals every year put on by the organization Institute of Food Technologists. This year it is held in Chicago which is home base. Today alone, more than 23,000 people attended the conference held at McCormick Place. Over 1200 exhibitors packed the halls that represents over 90+ countries. All of this is for the purpose of sharing and educating passionately others about the world of food science and technology.


It is 3 days of chalk full of food science & technology symposiums, panels, posters, and exhibitors and most importantly (as least for me) the food!

The industries brightest minds come together for meaningful discussions and debates and students come with their posters to showcase their latest research. Exhibitors from all around the world come to IFT to showcase their product; and how better to showcase your product than by applying it in food? This is where all the food samples come in.

Right along with the food, there is the swag. From reusable bags, insulated mugs, to plastic frisbees and phone chargers, exhibitors stamp every goodie swag they can find with their logo and send them with love to attendees that stop by their booth.

Science + Food + Swag

Three things that you can’t have too much of when you’re talking to food professionals.

Here’s a short highlight of my Day 1 of IFT:

  • Sample foods
  • Sample more foods
  • Get swag
  • Sample even more foods
  • Network with peers
  • Sample even more food
  • Food coma

Day one’s focus was eating. Tomorrow’s goal is to attend some symposiums and talks.

Every day at IFT I’ll give a brief update.

Stay tuned for more fun and games from Anna’s IFT18 Adventure!