Savannah, GA – Kimberly Schaub, CCS, the host of the PeasOnMoss podcast will record a special episode for the podcast at the 2018 Annual Conference for the Research Chefs Association (RCA), where she has been a chef member since 2013 and certified culinary scientist since 2015. She is joined by past podcast guests who are also active members in the association. In just her third season, the niche podcast has already been downloaded 10,000 times, covering topics ranging from food business ownership to intrapraneurship – the idea that an individual is like an entrepreneur but holds a full time job – a concept very familiar to product developers within brands. In 2017, Kimberly was awarded one of the Presidents Awards by Chef Catherine Proper for her efforts to spread awareness about the association and research chef careers.

The special guests for the live episode include

  • Dr. Darryl Holliday, Asst. Professor of food science at University of Holy Cross
  • Emily Munday, Director of Operations at CuliNex
  • Chef Kami R Smith, Director of Culinary Showcasing at Pecan Deluxe
  • Chef Barbara Zatto, RCA board member and regional director

Each guest will receive featured coverage on the website leading up to the recording of the episode, which will post just a few weeks after it is recorded.

Get to Know Kimberly

From the Air Force to the restaurant and eventually to the product development bench, Kimberly has recorded her journey on PeasOnMoss, an alliterative play on the culinary technique mis en place. More than a blog, PeasOnMoss is a trusted resource for chefs and product developers.

“The PeasOnMoss Podcast tells the stories of chefs and product developers I have met along the way and gives them a chance to share some of their lessons-learned and advice,” Kimberly explains.

“In the podcast, we talk about the career pathways that we have taken to illustrate the diversity of backgrounds that brings us all to product development. We also discuss topics specific to product development, such as establishment of gold standards, balancing speed to market with iteration to perfection, and managing project expectations.

This year, I am focusing on writing more content that will be valuable for product developers and in developing sponsorship and partnerships with different organizations in the industry.”

Find PeasOnMoss on iTunes, Stitcher, or streaming on the website,

To find out about sponsorships and advertisements, please contact Kimberly through the PeasOnMoss contact page.

The RCA Conference
March 26-28, 2018
Savannah, Georgia
Join culinary professionals, food scientists and R&D colleagues in Savannah, Georgia this March, and put your finger on the pulse of food product development industry. Savannah is known for its historic city layout made up of squares and where you’ll find innovation at every corner – around the city, at the RCA Conference and within the Culinology® Expo. Enhance your knowledge through education sessions, demos and workshops with leaders in food product development and network with industry innovators from around the world.