When I decided to launch the podcast, it was because I felt very inspired by the entrepreneurship podcast I followed to broadcast my experience in food product development, and it quickly grew into a love for sharing an hour with a food scientist, chef, or food business owner who was taking the time to tell us about the passion, vision, and drive that propelled them forward. Research and development, food product development, hospitality, R&D consulting… these are businesses not for the faint-hearted.

Now, the podcast has also been a medium to connect me with strangers – still folks in the food industry but referrals from previous guests, networked connections, and lukewarm connections from social media sites. It’s a little ego-rush to have someone email and start with “I love your podcast…” It’s also a fun way learn about other categories in food manufacturing and grocery without having to work in those categories. It’s amazing how connected our worlds are, and I love getting introduced and meeting new folks. It’s probably my favorite use of my extraverted personality.

Now, three seasons in, it seems like we could break through with how PeasOnMoss will fit into the industry… or continue laboring away without much growth. Slow-and-steady has been my pace, with variations on “steady,” due quite a bit to a changed job and a feeling of split focus.

This year, I want to focus on the nitty gritty of food product development, from the science behind how products are created, from ideation to launch. I want to share the learning curve – maybe flatten it out for others. I’m looking for subject matter experts to share their knowledge, lessons-learned, and specialty with the audience.

I’m curious, what do you like about POM? What has been of value to you? What’s a topic or style that could be left un-repeated? What about ones you would share with colleagues or friends? Comment below and help me tailor this website to be a trusted and frequented website for food product development.

Is the honeymoon phase over? Absolutely. But I think it’s just getting better.