We have partnered with our founding advertiser and official sponsor, Icon Foods! I am so excited to announce that POM is officially taking on advertisers and want to share our journey to this milestone.

PeasOnMoss has a commitment to be a first-go resource for product development chefs and scientists. I have shared my experiences in culinary school, my perspective of working on the line and in Modernist Cuisine, and the emotional and exciting adventure crossing into corporate product development. The exhilarating feeling of seeing your product development project packaged and sitting on a grocery store shelf is shared by all product developers and is one I love to relive with the POM guests.

Last fall, I started a podcast, inspired by an entrepreneurial mastermind group, and I invited the chefs I met in my early cooking days to join me on Season 1. After that, I started a Culinologist series featuring the members of the Research Chefs Association, the organization from whom I earned the culinary scientist certification. In March, I received the President’s Award for my work highlighting RCA members. A few private members have stepped up to sponsor the site directly but have wished to stay anonymous.

Photo by Valentina Vitols

That was the turning point for POM, because I realized just how deeply the podcast and website resonated with the RCA members, researchers, food scientists, and corporate food development teams. Season 2 started with a deeper focus on the expertise of my guests, focusing on lessons learned and shortcuts discovered. On educating each other and our audience.

This summer, I began discussing sponsors and advertisements for the website and the podcast from businesses and professionals who focus on serving product development and R&D teams. Ingredients, services, logistics – all details that R&D folks, chefs, developers, and the cross functional teams think about daily.

In September, Thom King, founder of Steviva Ingredients (now Icon Foods), reached out after his podcast episode to find out about how he could become a sponsor and advertise on PeasOnMoss. He knew that could reach new potential customers by advertising on the site, and the POM pages target the food technology and product development customers uniquely through the content and expertise shared.

Icon Foods has become the first annual sponsor, and the sponsorship has caused a change with how I view POM.

It shows that advertisers realize the niche of the audience being addressed on PeasOnMoss, and it shows that they see the trust that we have built with our readers and listeners through our articles and episodes. The advertiser partnership also helps me continue to hone the message and information shared on the podcast and website for food scientists and research chefs.

As a research chef/nutritionist/food scientist, I bring a certain technical expertise to media in a way that few others do. The lingo and concerns are unique to active product developers, and this experience gives me a unique camaraderie with other developers. This is recognized most clearly when a product supplier takes the time to share their experiences with us.

Knowing this, I am keen to develop partnerships and take out advertisements with businesses whose target customer is the food scientist or product developer, and I will think carefully about the value that brand’s advertisement can bring to the POM audience.

If you’re interested in getting more information about ho to become a sponsor or advertiser, please email us through the contact page.