Graham Kerr, arguably known best for his decades’ long television presence as the Galloping Gourmet, doesn’t really gallop in the kitchen anymore. His focus has shifted away from cooking and eating rich, indulgent food to sharing meals with friends and family that nourish life and support health.

He and his wife Treena were strong supporters of my growth from nutritionist to culinologist, and Graham both inspired and challenged me to think differently about my career as a nutritionist chef and the opportunity is presents to be both a skilled technician and a guide for others.

This is a very special interview with my mentor and role model, and I am honored to bring it to you. We talked about what it is to be past the crest of a career and how he spends his time. We also talk about Treena, who passed in September 2015. What you’ll hear isn’t a chef simply reliving days past; you get to hear from a man who is considering the ways he can give back to his community, his readers, and his fans.

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