Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Kevin Gorey and I am looking forward to being a part of the Peas on Moss team. I didn’t grow up loving food. I heard the term “well done” so many times back then that I didn’t realize it was a way to cook and just figured that was how food was done, well.

Things changed for me during family vacations to Cape Cod. While most nights we cooked at our rental house, the grownups reserved one night a week to take us all out to a spot called Thompson’s Clam Bar. I can still taste the chowder and smell the ocean air wafting around us from Wychmere Harbor.

When I graduated from the kid’s menu things really got interesting. Fish caught right off shore landed on my plate and I remember leaning in and nearly kissing it before I dug in. Haddock, scallops and lobster oh my.

After spending most of my 20’s in the world of journalism I returned to the Cape, this time as a resident and the love affair was reignited, and it felt so good. This time I was learning to cook it, not just eat it. I’ve done anything and everything in the retail and restaurant world. Front of house, back of house, catering, managing retail markets and captaining an online seafood shipping business.

I left the Cape a few years ago and in that time I have had more food related adventures. I’ve traveled the country on a food truck running a marketing and promotion tour for a family farm. I joined a restaurant startup that included a brick and mortar location, catering, and a pair of mobile units. I have also been a Food and Beverage Manager, event and wedding organizer and consultant.

I hope to bring all this experience to our readers here at Peas on Moss. And while I love food, I love the process even more. I love the people involved in making the food, and I don’t just mean the chefs. The researchers, the farmers, the fishing boat crews, the regional sales managers (yes, even them) and teachers all fascinate and inspire me.

For all the years spent selling, cooking, serving, experimenting, thinking, training and being trained I felt I was just starting to get good at this food life when a massive heart attack nearly ended my journey four months ago. After open heart surgery and a three month residency in cardiac rehab I am back on my feet at looking forward to stirring the pot once again.

When I am not writing or cooking, I am spending time with my kick ass, Kripalu-trained, Natural Gourmet certified, Lundberg Family Farms marketing and promotion guru of a wife in the southern Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.

To the excitement of my doctor and nurses I have given up hard drinking and cigars. To the chagrin of my doctor and nurses I have started trail running and can’t stop.

I’ll leave the science to the talented scientists we have floating around here and focus on life in and around the kitchen and where we all fit in this constantly changing business. The good, bad and the tasty, from the farm to the flambe.

Let’s go, the dinner rush is right around the corner!