Over Halloween weekend, creative thinkers and inventors from different business sectors gathered in San Francisco at the Food Hackathon to answer this year’s theme question: “How can we support parents in effortlessly guiding their children to establish healthier eating, drinking, and lifestyle habits?”

Teams were formed, ideas were brainstormed, and concepts were pitched.

Meet the team of food science students, entrepreneurs, and RCA member (and the Student Committee President!) share their experience, what their product concept was, and what they plan to do with the prize money.


ZombEats team members on the show:

Kaitlin Mogentale, founder and owner of Pulp Pantry, Los Angeles

Hailey Zhou, co-founder of the FoodInno Symposium and UC Berkeley student

Philip Saneski, president of the RCA student committee and founder of The Culinologist blog

Keep an eye out for these awesome up-and-comers. They’re going to change the world.

Special thanks to Costa Spryou for providing the photos of the team.

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