Chan Seattle is located in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, and is Seattle’s only Korean Gastropub. It is Chef Heong Soon Park’s second restaurant, with the established cafe Bacco being his introduction to food business ownership and professional cooking. While many food businesses fail, especially when the principal owners are not themselves from the business, Chef Park doubled down and attended culinary school while also running the cafe. All that hard work paid off, and he opened Chan in 2012 and earned a Rising Star Award in Sustainability from Star Chefs in 2015. Chef also opened Tray Kitchen in the Fremont neighborhood, but the ambitious farmer-driven menu required so much on-the-fly recipe development that he opted to focus on his current businesses and his growing family. Hear his origin story and how his perseverance has made Chan a staple in the Market and is routinely listed among must-see restaurants in Seattle.

We are connected to Chef Park through Jason Price at Plain Pig PR.

Visit Chan when you’re in Seattle and find out why Chef differentiates his cuisine from Korean Banchan food.

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