You’ve followed my journey blogging about crossing from military veteran to freelance writer, eventually to line cook, recipe writer, and product developer. It’s been quite an adventure. As my identityas a chef has grown, I have expanded my network and expertise as a product developer and resaerch chef.

The PeasOnMoss audience and focus has changed a bit, too. While early editions focused on comparing the culinary arts programs and surviving the classes, later articles looked at nutrition articles and shopping. Well, now, we’re going to focus on professional cooking, food manufacturing, research & development, product development from concept to the shelf, and running a food business.

And PeasOnMoss is about to start Season 2. What’s to come? You’ll find out!

My membership with the Research Chefs Association has brought me in touch with some incredible professionals and individuals working in product development. The active forum allows us to ask each other for recommendations, referrals, and input on ideas.

In one forum question, a current military member asked about crossing into becoming a research chef, and the outpouring of welcoming to the industry and stories of the different professionals’ examples. I also wrote a recap of my circuitous journey, and Jonathan and I got in touch.

Over the past few months, we have kept in touch, and I asked Jonathan to share his journey with the PeasOnMoss readers. He has kindly agreed to, and we are excited to bring you a multi-part series telling Jonathan’s experiences in researching food science programs, choosing a research topic, and applying to a program.

It’s also really fitting that Jonathan’s story be the final episode of this very long Season 1 of PeasOnMoss.

Thanks, Jonathan, for writing a fantastic piece. We look forward to following your journey from the Air Force to food Science. It’s a great adventure.