I was featured on Adam Yee’s My Food Job Rocks podcast last week, and the Foodgrads group wrote a really generous feature about it in their newsletter. They’ve allowed me to share it with you. It’s a trip to read a preview about my own career and life – I’d be curious what you think, you who know me well.
What’s great about two food science/product development podcasts both launching and supporting each other is that we are spreading the word about food science and R&D to students considering their careers and to culinarians who want to do something different with their careers.
There could be a prideful or territorial murmur that complains about having competition.  After all, aren’t we targeting the same food scientist community? But there isn’t.
Let me explain in two ways.
First, I am an active member of an entrepreneurship mastermind group that strongly believes in a business philosophy of abundance. That there are plenty of guests, customers, clients, and dollars to go to everyone. All you need is the customer base to support your products and brand. We can support each other, cheer for each other, suggest improvements, and promote each others’ businesses and voices without fear.
Kevin Kelly talks about building a thriving business on true fans in his article  blog post in 2008 about 1000 True Fans. Getting the fan base is a gradual process, especially when you’re talking about winning over the fan’s heart and mind so that he or she will support and purchase your brand whenever you release something that resonates with him/her. The trick is to also know your fan well enough to release something with resonance.
Second, we aren’t targeting the exact same niche of readers and listeners. Adam and the Foodgrads leaders are focused on students who are considering their college degrees and their future jobs. My audience is a mixture of foodies who have followed the blog through my journey into culinary school and R&D roles and culinary professionals I have met along the way.
Adam’s and my goals are similar: share stories of people in our industry doing different roles and pursuing different paths and inviting others to consider the food science/product development paths. Hope you can follow us both on our different podcasts.
Enjoy the episode! Don’t forget to check out PeasOnMoss on iTunes and Stitcher. If you enjoy it, please review it – it’s how we climb in rankings and get featured.
This week is one of my personal favourites!  Adam interviews Kimberly Schaub, Innovation Manager, Lundberg Family Farms.Kimberly talks about working as a prep cook and then research chef for Modernist Cuisine. In their Cooking Lab, a collection of chefs and scientists at Modernist Cuisine create unique and inspired cooking techniques based on technical expertise, you can find more beautiful food photography, interesting innovation articles and where to find their gorgeous books (one collection weighs in at 43 pounds!) via the link.

We think Kimberly has one of the coolest resumes ever- read more about her background at her (quirkily named) blog “Peas on Moss”.

Kimberly also has an awesome Podcast- PeasOnMoss! Hooray for Podcast Friends! On her Podcast she chats with other chefs, cooks, Research and Development folks and Product Developers about their experiences in their labs and kitchens. Listen to her crossover episode with our very own Adam Yee here!

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