Vegetarian Amuse Bouche from Everest, Chicago

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been pretty busy lately. I launched the podcast on June 1, and it’s been fantastic to get the warm reception and feedback from my current and newer readers. The response has made me think about moving on from dabbling in the blog to tailoring it and focusing on it.

We’re working on expanding the platform to Stitcher and Sound Cloud, for those non-iPhone users, and we’re going to collaborate with the Culinologist for an on-going series in which Research Chef Association chefs and product developers will share their stories for the Culinology readers and students.

I’m also exploring growing the PeasOnMoss blog into an actual platform for food professionals and amateurs to learn about research and development. You’ll learn how to get into the field and what you would do as a research chef.

R&D is a fascinating field that is not well-known to the foodie realm, but it’s really where the magic happens for so many parts of the industry, ranging from when a chef is creating a special for that night’s service to big grocery brands releasing new packaged foods.

The Amuse Bouche element of this is that I want to whet your appetite for what’s coming. You’re going to hear stories about chefs I’ve met, advice for R&D careers, and how-to’s in R&D. I hope you enjoy the articles, interviews, and discussions as much as I enjoyed recording them.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard the podcast yet, please visit the iTunes website. If you liked what you heard, please think about writing a review. It’s the one way that we gain placement in the New & Noteworthy list and higher on the Food category list.