Seattle, WA – Pastry Chef Tonyia Smith formerly located at the Pike Place Market as Coffee
& A Specialty Bakery has moved “to the hood…where its good”. Coffee and… is a gluten-
free bakery dedicated to serving a unique selection of European and French Style desserts,
breads and sandwiches. Coffee and…is located at 123-21st Ave, Seattle, WA 98122. “Our
right-out-of-the-oven concept is essential and goes right along with our promise that you
will be delighted”, says Silver Slice Bakery’s Pastry Chef, Tonyia Smith. Customers have
anticipated her return and are excited that she has answered their request of having fresh
baked gluten-free products readily available at more locations.

The amazingly sweet cinnamon rolls are dense, sweet cinnamon glaze…and gooey comfort-

The popularity of gluten-free food shows no signs of slowing down.

I think Pastry Chef Tonyia Smith is some sort of wizard or something, because the pastries,
breads, and sandwiches at Coffee and Specialty Bakery are so good you might not even
guess they’re gluten-free.


Silver Slice Bakery is excited to be a part of the Central District Community(CD) and are
encouraged by the welcoming interest we have received from the Clean Greens Farms and
market which has been an ongoing project of New Hope Baptist Church as well as its current
customer Centerplate, concessionaires to Seattle Mariners Safeco Field. We are thrilled to
be affiliated with “The CD” as a premium gluten-free brand that is locally known and
respected as a premium destination reaching new guest. Interested in learning more about
Silver Slice Bakery, visit and contact Tonyia Smith at (206) 866
-8744 for more information.