11 months after downloading my first podcast by Geoff Woods’ The Mentee and 6 months after joining the Entrepreneur on Fire’s Podcaster’s Paradise, I have finally posted my own podcast! 

It is brilliantly titled the PeasOnMoss Podcast and can be found on iTunes. I’m going to expand to Stitcher and SoundCloud eventually. 
The podcast is based on the experiences that I’ve had as a research chef, and I’ve started it with interviews with chefs and cooks that I met at the beginning of my culinary career. In it, we discuss the chef’s careers, their opinions about the industry, and some successes and failures they have had. Several of them are laying plans for great adventures in the future, and you’ll get to hear them announce their plans on the show.
Big thanks to the folks who have supported me in this! Your encouragement is everything. 
My husband, Joshua, put together the musical intro for us, and he spent hours syncing up the audio and posting them while I was traveling for work. Several members of the entrepreneurship groups I’m in have offered suggestions and resources, and I’m very grateful for the shortcuts they’ve shared. 
So excited for this to get off the ground! Please follow the links and download the first three episodes 🙂
New episodes will post every Saturday, so be sure to subscribe!
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