Savvy users of Smart Phones use a variety of programs and apps to view, save, and download their favorite recipes. With several on the market, but with limited space on your phone, how do you choose one to use? I’ve often downloaded one or more apps and then tried each of them until I figured out which one I preferred. 

It seems like there are thousands of
recipe apps available, so it can be a mind-boggling exercise to select the best
Fortunately, conducted extensive research, spending several weeks looking at
all of the best recipe apps in order to help simplify the cooking process and
discover the most efficient tools possible. They not only consulted multiple
technology and chef experts, but analyzed dozens of articles, looked at user
reviews, and personally spent a weekend downloading and testing the apps in and
out of the kitchen. 

Their research included ease of use, hands-on trials, types
and selection of recipes available, recommendations from experts, and platform
availability. In the end, they narrowed down their list of available apps to the
top four that have the most to offer.

Check out their full report on the link
Do you use a phone app to find and save recipes? Why or why not?