Well, a few of you are aware that I have been working, slowly, on creating a podcast series that involves interviews with chefs and culinary professionals, most of whom I met during culinary school.

It’s a very slow work in progress, as I’ve been challenged to find the time to interview you busy cooks and even more challenged to find the time to develop the skills needed to edit and post the recordings! (This is a round-about way asking for help, if you have recording skills that you’d like to share with me)

I’ve also been part of an entrepreneurship mastermind group in which we are starting to reach out to each other and support each others’ work. One brilliant member suggested using Calendly to schedule appointments with each other. I also thought it would extra handy in scheduling upcoming interviews!

So, here’s the link to the Calendly schedule where you can schedule an hour with me!

Interview Scheduler

You may be thinking, what would we talk about in an interview?

Primarily, I am interested in your professional culinary and foodservice journey and how you got to where you are now.

Some of my curiosity comes from a wondering about what others have done with their culinary training and experience.

Some comes from wanting to document and highlight the accomplishments you’ve had – whether that’s becoming the best grill cook in the restaurant or opening your own business. It’s also to discuss the food industry – hospitality, employment, culture – the whole thing from the eyes of the cooks, chefs, servers, sommeliers, and managers who live in it and who have bled for it.

Interested in hearing others’ stories? I’m targeting a mid-February launch, so keep your eyes on the blog!

photo by Elaine Cox