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I fantasize moving to Hong Kong pretty often, especially in the weeks following a visit to the region. This Thanksgiving, Josh and I got to visit the city for a week, because he was spending a few weeks in Asia, trekking and rock climbing with an REI co-worker.

This was our first international trip where we flew separately and met up there. We both flew on Korean Air – I really like that company – and set it up so that we would fly together on the way back. 
Once I arrived, the eating fest began! This trip, I wanted to focus on Hong Kong street food and also visit a few of the Michelin star restaurants. I wanted to do that last time, too, but that was nearly five years ago, so I felt the need to revisit some of our favorites, like Australia Dairy Company. 
So, first, we start with dessert, because life is too short to talk about cramming onto the MTR or walking long distances from Wan Chai to Central. 
Honeymoon Dessert

from Honeymoon Dessert’s Facebook page

This small chain serves up Hong Kong sweet soups, both hot and cold, and they feature over 160 dishes ranging from traditional Guangdong style to modern fusion, according to their website. I opted for the traditional black sesame soup – it was served Yin-Yang style with a white almond soup. Josh ordered a cold sago (similar to tapioca balls) with mango (the super-sweet bright orange-yellow kind) that was served with shaved ice. 

From Honeymoon Dessert’s Facebook page
Shop B110-F, Basement 1, Times Square, Causeway Bay
Australia Dairy 

This Hong Kong favorite had a queue of at least twenty people and a full restaurant of afternoon tea goers. We stood in line for the slightly sweet, eggy or milky set custard, and it was totally worth it. We also tried their scrambled egg, which was bright orange and shirred and custardy. I’ve been trying to knock off the dan nai egg milk custard for a few years, so I wanted to see how closely I had gotten. Back to work! 

Australia Dairy
47 Parkes Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

More to come…