I caught up with Seattle Culinary Academy alum Ben Taylor, who has started a video series in which you get an over-the-shoulder view of cooking techniques.

When we were chatting, he hadn’t started his site yet, but he has now, and it’s great! Enjoy the videos.

Check out Ben’s site! If you’re in Texas, hire this chef for a catering or a cooking class – a fun and low-stress way to entertain friends for the holidays!

YouTube Channel: SixteenBites
Instagram: SixteenBites

I’m enjoying the cooking class short clips. What are you doing them for?

I’m putting together a website and YouTube channel
I’ve been doing in person cooking classes for a few years now and I’m
kind of done with that format.  So I’m
trying to create something that’s approachable and simple for nonfoodies
Why were you teaching, and why are you done with the in person format?
I felt like I was teaching the same group of foodies over and over and
over.  I like to reach people outside of
the community
And for why I was teaching and I just enjoy sharing my passion for
cooking with people
Outside the foodie community?
How do they respond differently?
I work with a lot of tech people and I’ve noticed that this form is
very approachable for them
The videos are approachable?
How do you film them?
I MacGyver a down camera in my kitchen is just a Canon S1 10 power shot
No go pro, bro?
Hah no way
All I’m doing is clicking record when I start cooking at home. Then
while I’m eating dinner or lunch I’m breaking them down into their components
No I got the camera refurbished on Amazon for like 100 bucks
Oh nice. Shoestring approach. Smart!
This is really the very very beginning of all this. I’m working with a
few people who are helping me improve the quality. And I’m trading someone
cooking classes so they can make me a website
Did you just randomly decide to start videoing your prep in first
person, or did you try other views or styles too?
I’ve been messing around with different ideas for the past few months.
It’s been my intention to do something like this for about a year now and I
finally hit on visual style that resonated with people
If you look back I’ve got a video of me slicing cherry tomatoes with my
down camera. I got a pretty good response off of that.
But yeah I am trying to get the videos done by the end of this month.
Once I have that little launch the website
What are you hoping to get from the website and the videos?
Teach more classes?
Is this your full time work?
I wish
Right now I’m hustling piece mealing things together to give me free
time to do this
You do want this to be your full time work?
More than anything I want to create a resource for people to learn to
cook. If people respond to it maybe I could find a way to monetize it.  A few of my friends are helping me develop a
plan for that.  Right now I’m focused on
the content.
I mean I haven’t even properly named this thing yet
you totally should monetize!
I’m brainstorming some ideas of ways to create some online business
opportunities – maybe there’s something we can do together? I’m more of a
writer than anything
Yeah first I’m going to get my YouTube channel together so I could at
least get paid for clicks. And then I’m going to link all of the cooking
equipment that I use to Amazon
It’s all about clicks. A couple of the guys in my office do social
media consulting. And once you start getting a ton of clicks people come to you
with ideas
make Amazon or that brand pay for that link… eventually
First thing that’s going on there is the cutting board
You could call your website “on the cutting board”
Honestly my other job has my finances covered. If this thing pays for
itself or makes me a little bit of money that would be wonderful.
I really just want to put out quality content
it’s all about the passive income
what’s your fulltime job?
I would love me some passive income
I’m a recruiter for Lyft. 
Basically I just interview people all day. And in between that I’m
editing video. Then I go home at night and shoot more video. Rinse and repeat
So working for Lyft fulltime, how did you start teaching cooking
That’s actually a funny story. In culinary school I applied for a job
at a cooking store “Cooks World” in Seattle. It was just for the
front counter position. She saw that I had sausage experience and asked me if
I’d be interested in teaching a class
And kind of just went from there.
From Ben’s Facebook page
I vaguely remember that. When did you graduate? For some reason I
thought you were doing pastry
Funny thing I was in the pastry program and interning at the Swinery at
the same time
yeah, i was pretty sure you were almost done when I started
why did you go to Lyft?
I did a mix of movie catering and seasonal catering for a while and
just got burned out. Started to realize I was becoming the old man in the
My real passion was teaching cooking but I was struggling to make that
Mmmm yeah about that
movie catering sounds sexy
It was the craziest job I have ever had.
crazier than normal crazy catering?
It was sort of like being on a boat out in the sea. You’d work 12 to 15
hour shift 6 days a week
You’d be so tired that on your day off you just wouldn’t get out of bed
how did you get a catering for a movie gig?
your thing or did you get hired by a caterer?
One of my friends was the pastry chef on a gig in New Orleans and she
got pregnant and asked me to take over
and then you started doing more?
is that what took you to TX?
I lived here years ago. Austin’s a boom town.  I thought to be a good place to come in make
some money and establish myself
It’s also got a lot of creative people
oh that makes sense.
i’ve heard it’s unique compared to the rest of the state
i assume you’ve attended SXSW
I go to all the free concerts and events but I’ve never actually paid
to go to the real thing
I much prefer the post parties
yeah, i’m old for paid concerts unless i get VIP, which is never

Yeah the Lyft job has been good to me. 
I can finally buy all the toys that I craved while I was in the industry
From Ben’s Facebook page