I was updating my Facebook “about” page today, and I found that I had written this:

I’m a culinary arts student learning mad skills to try out in the kitchen. I write for a living. No really. So we rely on Josh’s income. I write for Livestrong, the Pike Place Market News, and Examiner. I also maintain my blog https://www.peasonmoss.com. I want to go into R&D.
I have loved food all my life, studied nutrition in college, served in several jobs in the Air Force, helped edit a news-magazine, ran a nutrition consulting business, moved to Seattle to do some nutrition consulting and recipe development, taught some classes, and so on. Finally going to culinary school to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Then I hope I can get into R&D as a chef!

I found this really interesting for a few reasons, and maybe you’ve already started noticing. Looking back 5 years, it seems that I can say that I have been blessed to stay on the path that I had dreamed of pursuing, and it has turned out to be a path whose journey I enjoy plodding.

Now, as the adage (sort of) goes, “behind every successful (wo)man stands a surprised (–)man,” I will say that much credit must be given to Joshua, the best partner in life. The strength he showed when I floundered around post- Air Force and the resolve he shared supporting my career path make him the most valuable partner and biggest stakeholder. I literally would not be doing this if he didn’t buy into it.

When I posted that paragraph, Josh had just started at REI, a company he loves working for. He was paid roughly $10/hour. I made $0.15 per word on my writing. In 2009-2010, I think we netted less than $30,000. The only reason I didn’t meltdown more often – I did so quarterly – was because he believed that this period in life was an investment in our futures.

I think Josh was right.

Joshua has been able to see that the efforts of schooling and training were building up credit in relationships, in networks, and in skills. I am so grateful.

What have you thought of this journey?