The Holidays are just around the corner, and it’s my favorite time of the year for treats at my favorite stores. Whole Foods Market is running all sorts of great tastings for products they’re selling, and my favorite popcorn source, Kukuruza Popcorn, is selling their holiday flavors.

This year, Kukuruza is bringing back the Eggnog Brandy caramel corn, which is absolutely addicting. When I first met the team in 2009, they had brought out several really great flavors, and one popular flavor was the Eggnog Brandy.


Rich chocolate, cinnamon and other spices… what else could you want?

I like bringing popcorn to gatherings where you are fairly sure there will already be lots of food (Thanksgiving!) and just want to share a sweet nibble that is both handmade (by professionals) and easy (it’s popcorn).

The popcorn is sold in different sized bags – 2 smalls are great for a smaller gathering of 6 people – and in bins. You can taste all of the flavors they’re currently selling, so just go crazy. Savory and sweet flavors abound, so you’ll likely find something you really enjoy.

The location I frequent is the Pike Place Market location, but they’re all over the world now! Go to your closest one and happy shopping!

Happy Early Holidays!