From the Whole Foods Market team


 Whole Foods Market is here to help turn summer’s bittersweet end into a weekend to remember with the Labor Day Fill the Grill Sale, where you can save $10 for every $50 you spend in the meat market this weekend only (Friday, August 29 to Monday, September 1). Plus, with the Global Animal Partnership’s 5-step Animal Welfare Rating Standards, Whole Foods Market meats are of the highest quality around.

Whole Foods Market is also featuring 20% Off All Rosé Wines from Friday, August 29 to Monday, September 1so stock up now! If you’re new to the rosé craze, you might be one of many who have simply misunderstood this ‘pink wine.’ Here are some of our favorite debunked myths:
  • Pink does not always equal sweet. While blush and white zinfandel wines are sweet, more often than not, rosé wines are bone dry, fresh and acidic, and fruity.

  • Save for later. Look for new vintages – most rosé wines should be from 2012 and should be enjoyed now.
  • One shade of pink is preferable. There are many shades of rosé, based on how the wines are made, so experiment from berry pink to light salmon rosé wines.

  • Tough to pair.  Rosé wines are some of the most versatile food wines, pairing well with seafood, fish, cheeses, grilled chicken and even barbecue. 

  • Savor rosé in the summer. Summer’s ripe for rosé, but so are the cool nights and warm days of spring. Keep a bottle in the fridge and serve super chilled.


Need a little extra inspiration for your Labor Day festivities? Check out these killer grill-master tips from our experts:

  • Looking to stick with burgers as your grill-time staple? Whole Foods Market has you covered with fresh burgers made in house daily from whole muscle, and with no added hormones or antibiotics, ever.
  •  If you’re a steak fanatic, you’re in luck. From grass-fed to grain-finished, Whole Foods Market can provide steaks from lean options to rich prime steaks. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of flavor and tenderness, then ask your Whole foods Market local butcher for a dry-aged steak!
  • Sticking with the classic bratwurst? Fret not, Whole Foods Market has sausage meisters on staff making handmade links of pork, beef, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb and even bison.