Courtesy of Kitchenbug

As the days of summer start to get warmer and sunnier, how do you pass your time in the sun? I personally love running in the sun along the Olympic Sculpture Park walking trail – full sun and expansive views of the Puget Sound and Seattle’s downtown. If I’m not running, I like to keep up with new restaurant news, chef movements, and new recipes developed in or inspired by Seattle. If only there were a way to track the cool things I come across every day…

Enter Kitchenbug. My friend, Keren Brown, shared a new web-based recipe database site that helps track recipes and track the nutrition values of the food we consume. You might think, “Aren’t there already websites that have virtual recipe boxes?” The answer is “yes, but…” Kitchenbug doesn’t just help you collect recipes from its website – it helps gather them from different websites and works like a website bookmark that doesn’t require filling up your Favorites on Bing (my husband was happy when I finally transferred all that information to Kitchenbug.

Anyway, this new site is a fun way to track recipes that you spot all over the great Internet (yes, in capital letters) and want to capture for recipe testing later.

Here’s what I’ve found recently:
Tom Douglas Hot Stove Society
Seattle Magazine Spot Prawn Bruschetta by Chef Holly Smith
Chef Wayne Johnson opens new restaurant in Renton – Shuga Jazz Bistro


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