As the year wraps up, we want to remember the men, women, and children who struggle with food insecurity – especially in a season when many of us embrace a little more overindulgence. It always brings me back to my alma mater’s motto, which is a paraphrase of something Jesus said: “Freely Ye Received, Freely Give.” 
So in this time of giving to friends we know and love, don’t forget the neighbors whose name we don’t know but are also responsible to love in our communities. There are many ways we can serve our community – through giving time and money and through supporting the efforts of organizations and individuals who spend their time serving, too. During this season of holiday observance and celebration, let’s not forget the rest of the year. 
Merry Christmas, 
Peas On Moss
Here’s a note from Whole Foods Market. 
Now through Dec. 31, shoppers can help ‘Bag Hunger’ and donate to the Solid Ground Foundation‘s Cooking Matters Program, which teaches families at risk of hunger that healthy cooking can be delicious, enjoyable and, most importantly, affordable. I’ve enclosed a graphic for sharing below.
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 Specifically, the donations will:
Provide funding for all non-produce groceries for Cooking Matters classes. Items will be purchased at Whole Foods Market Stores by Cooking Matters Staff (primary focus).
Increase reach for Cooking Matters classes by providing resources (cooking kits, staff time and travel, and grocery gift cards for shopping tours) for Cooking Matters local and satellite classes.
Host and provide food for volunteer recognition, event committee, and site partner meetings.
Presenting sponsor of Chefs Night Out in fall 2014 (which will be broadened to support other Solid Ground hunger action programs, like Lettuce Link).
Providing chef to prepare and present appetizers at Chefs Night Out reception.