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Courtesy of Flagship Foundation


Shop Whole Foods Stores & Benefit Flagship Foundation!

Shopping these Seattle area Whole Foods Stores will help us turn every kid into a food detective!
Westlake/South Lake Union
Roosevelt Square
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The Flagship Foundation is one of the reasons that I love working for Sugar Mountain. Our company cares enough about the foods people eat that we also seek to educate kids, their parents, and their schools about nutrition and choosing beneficial foods. It is a topic (obviously) near and dear to my heart and was a huge factor in how I chose companies for whom I wanted to work. 
Anyway, Whole Foods partners with non-profits to help consumer support them while also continuing to shop at Whole Foods. This coming Wednesday is our day to receive benefits from this deal, and I’ll be at the downtown Seattle Whole Foods at 3pm helping share information about the foundation and what we seek to do for school kids with the support from their teachers. 
I hope you get a chance to get more information about the Flagship Foundation and will consider supporting the organization – either by picking up groceries on Wednesday or by supporting and volunteering. 
If your kids are in school, or if you’re part of a school (teacher, admin, volunteer), and you would like to have a class considered for a Flagship Foundation Pure Food Kids Workshop, please let me know, and I’ll put you in touch with the right people. 
Here’s more information about the organization, again from the website.

Pure Food Kids Workshop

Pure Food Kids Workshops are 2.5 hour, commercial-free, nutrition education workshops offered to schools and families at no cost.  Workshops spark kids’ own curiosity about what’s in the foods they eat, and empower them with tools that will help them make healthy eating choices for life.
Kids learn how to be savvy to food manufacturers’ marketing; how to read food labels and ingredient lists; and, best of all, how to cook a hearty vegetable chili right in the classroom!
To date, more than 50,000 kids have participated in the workshop in hundreds of classrooms.
Kurt Dammeier – Founder of the Flagship Foundation, which sponsors the Pure Food Kids and Families workshops:
“The mission of my company is to change the way America eats for the better. The Flagship Foundation and the Pure Food Kids Workshop are means to that end. Rather than working to legislate change from the top down, we have taken an alternate route to reduce demand for unhealthy, processed food. We have specifically chosen 4th /5th grade students for their unique perspective and roles; they are open to changing ideals, as well as incredible persuaders in their own households. Our goal is to spark curiosity within students, while providing the tools they need to explore their food choices both in and outside the classroom.”
courtesy of Flagship Foundation