I have mixed feelings about the labeling law, though ultimately, I believe that consumers need to know what their foods contain. That said, there’s quite a bit of room for vague interpretation and application of the law and a high opportunity for fear-mongering and poorly informed voting — on both sides of the issue. However, each voter is responsible to know the issues. Whole Foods Market is sharing these discussion/presentation information booths, which are being held at neighborhood farmers markets. If you don’t know the issues, if you want more information, or even if you’re passionate and would like to explain your decisions, please attend and help spread the word.
People visiting local farmers markets this fall will have the chance to learn more about the importance of mandatory GMO labeling and Washington’s I-522 at the Will Vote for Food tent at several local farmers markets from now through November. Will Vote for Food is a coalition of brands, producers and farmers who share a belief in transparency and people’s right to know how their food is produced. The team will be distributing free stickers, temporary tattoos, reusable bags, booklets and yard signs to those who stop by the tent, and Will Vote for Food t-shirts will be available for purchase.  
For more information on Will Vote for Food, please visit WillVoteForFood.com. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Please see below for a list of farmers markets near you.
Phinney Ridge Farmers Market
67th and Phinney Ave N
 Friday, 9/13 
Magnolia Farmers Market
West McGraw Street at 33rd Ave West
Saturday, 9/21
Lake City Farmers Market
NE 125th St
Thursday, 9/26
Queen Anne Farmers Market
Queen Anne Ave N & W Crockett
Thursday, 10/10
West Seattle Farmers Market
SW Alaska St
Sunday, 10/13
Broadway Farmers Market
Broadway Ave E & E Pine St
Sunday, 10/20
Queen Anne Farmers Market
Queen Anne Ave N & W Crockett
Thursday, 10/31
U District Farmers Market
5031 University Way NE
Saturday, 11/2