courtesy of Kukuruza Popcorn

That question was posted in Kukuruza’s newsletter today, and it really is one of the existential questions I’ve been batting around today. Okay, it only supplanted “What should I eat for lunch?” for about 30 minutes, but in my world, that’s a lot of thinking.

I have followed Kukuruza since 2010, and Mary Holocher has been the face of Kukuruza for me ever since then. We both started as culinary school students around the same time, and I naturally felt an immediate connection to her. She has bloomed with Kukuruza going from a highly regarded staff member to a store manager and now to a regional manager all while the small company has grown and been absorbed into a veritable gourmet popcorn mini kingdom. She emailed me today and asked me to spread the good news about celebrating the first anniversary of the Ballard store, which was opened last summer (I blogged about them here).

Well, as I talked about in October, the Ballard location for Kukuruza has been marching along and has been doing well.  They are about to celebrate their first anniversary, and they want to thank all of their customers for a great year. To thank everyone, they’re giving away a small bag of any flavor of gourmet popcorn. Yep, you heard me correctly. (read this correctly?)

Free. Small. Kukuruza.

See, here’s proof.

Courtesy of Kukuruza Popcorn
I know, you might think, what would I get? Well, Josh and I always get a bag of “Chicago-style” popcorn to watch movies. The trick really is to get halfway through the bag during the previews – if you get to the theater early enough, you get a pick of the seats, and you can get most of the way through the bag before the movie really gets going. But I digress. Chicago-style popcorn is a perfect blend between generously coated sweet caramel popcorn with bright, robust cheddar popcorn. YUM.
I’ve also always been so happy with maple bacon popcorn. The bacon’s smoky flavor is rich and heady, and the maple is just perfectly sweet but not sticky and overwhelming. There’s also Hawaiian Salted Caramel, Kettle Corn, Black Raspberry, Classic Caramel´╗┐, and even Truffle Fromage Porcini. Maybe choose a new flavor for the free bag and buy a large of your favorite just to be safe?
Well, I’ll be there at some point on Sunday to get my free bag as well as some supplies for our next movie night. I hope you get to stop by, too!
Ballard 2211 NW Market Street

Seattle, WA 98107

Tel: 206-706-3040

M-Th 11am-7pm; F-Sa 11pm-9pm; Su 10am-7pm

courtesy of Kukuruza Popcorn