I work here! OMG!

Here’s an introduction to the books that the Modernist Cuisine marketing team put together.

Most people wonder why in the world you’d want such a huge-mongous book in the kitchen or on your extra-tall bookshelves, but since starting at the Lab, I’ve probably opened the books and skimmed through the charts and Best Bets tables a hundred times per recipe I’m developing.  While I’ll grant that I have a pretty loyal bias and easy access to the authors of the charts, I’ll say that the charts and ideas shared in the books have definitely influenced the way I think about recipes and the way I cook. My creativity has gone from direct imitation of good meals I’ve had to indirect references of those meals by exploring those flavors in unexpected textures or forms.  The book set is costly, but it’s a pretty great investment, especially if you have a true interest in seeing how science can directly influence food production.

The authors and team have been awarded for their work, bringing in two James Beard Awards and other awards this past year. I am thrilled to be counted as a new team member, and I can’t wait to see where this goes!