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Mincemeat pies are a traditional favorite of the British Isles, and I vaguely remember the desserts from childhood when we lived in Hong Kong. My parents aren’t really into British food, but we had access to it when we dined with friends or spent the Holidays with different families and friends. I remember buying a jar of mincemeat as a child and wanting to make a pie with it. I don’t remember if we actually baked one.

Well, I was exploring the Cost Plus World Market holiday aisles this Christmas season, and lo-and-behold, Walkers (famous for its shortbread biscuits) offers miniature mincemeat tarts. They’re small enough for one person to enjoy a personal pie without having to invest in a whole pie. That’s good for Josh and me, because he’s gluten-free and can’t enjoy them. So, I was able to enjoy the whole package of mini tarts all month long.

Mincemeat tarts are packed with apple, currants, sultanas, and candied citrus. They’re sweet and fruity. Pungent with spices, they complement a cup of strong tea very well. The crusts of the mini tarts were heavy and not flakey, and they were starchy enough to hold up to the heavy fruit filling. Each pie was large enough for four bites, which is a perfect size for a tea break in the afternoon between wrapping gifts and writing cards.

Walkers brand pastries are sold in different locations, but I found the Mincemeat Tarts at Cost Plus World Market. Look for them this holiday season and enjoy a little bit of foggy, Scottish winter in your own home.