After Chef Vicky allowed us to experiment with our own pizza doughs, she demo’d a pizza assembly for the bistro. This quarter we’re making pizza in advance and selling by the slice. Customers can also wait for a made-to-order pizza, but they don’t have to. In previous quarters, they were baked to order, but since that took a long time, Chef changed it. I bet sales will go up, because pizza-by-the-slice is probably a popular lunch option.

One thing that Jess, one classmate of mine, said is that you must be careful when transporting the pizza from the stone oven to the cutting board. One of her perfectly baked pies fell face-down on the floor. Sad panda.

Chef Vicky’s Square One Pizza Dough

Yield: 5# dough

1#8oz Double Zero bread flour
1 Tbsp Honey
0.60 oz SAF Yeast
1.5 qt warm water

Mix together sponge ingredients and allow to ferment for about an hour in a warm spot

Add in
3#8oz Double Zero
3/4 oz (1 1/2 Tbsp) Kosher salt
4 oz Olive oil (Pomace)

Combine the sponge with the additional flour, salt, and olive oil in the really huge Hobart Mixer. Mix for about 3-5 minutes or until the gluten develops and the dough is really stretchy. Transfer to oiled mixing bowl and allow to rest.

Portion into 5 oz dough balls. Place in lightly greased hotel pans and cover with plastic.

I’ll work on converting this recipe to a home size… but for my classmates, that’s the recipe 🙂