Each year, different companies join together with the Susan G Komen Foundation to help bring more awareness to Breast Cancer. This year, I had the opportunity to get involved as a product sampler from General Mills as part of their participation in the Pink Together campaign.  General Mills sent bloggers a gift box of all sorts of things, and my box included a box of Total cereal, a cookbook, a water bottle, a little pink backpack, and white-and-pink headphones.

Okay, okay, get off the floor and stop laughing. If you know anything about me, you know that pink isn’t really my personal pick. Fortunately, I have a beautiful mother who loves pink and who will likely sport the pink pack, water bottle, and headphones.

I have been nibbling away at the Total cereal, and I think I’ll probably make it part of a mixture of muddy buddies and other snacky foods. I’m all about health, but I don’t actually eat much cereal in its traditional form.

Anyway, General Mills didn’t send me the box of toys and Total to wax eloquent about the ways we can use its cereal. They want us to talk about breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer affects thousands of families every year, and it affects women of all sorts of ages. In addition to the women being affected by breast cancer, men can also contract breast cancer, but it’s rare.  The Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation was founded in 1982 in memory of Susan Komen who fought cancer by focusing on opportunities to educate others about breast cancer. Nancy G Brinker took up Susan’s fight and the foundation was established to raise funds to help raise awareness about breast cancer and ways to address breast cancer risk. You can find more information about the Foundation at their website

General Mills has partnered with the Foundation in the Pink Together program, and some of the proceeds from the sales of different General Mills products will go towards the Foundation.  I was also sent a Yoplait yogurt coupon, and I selected the Whips! Strawberry. I really like the Whips flavors because they’re really light and have a dessert texture rather than a breakfast yogurt texture. That’s a pathetic description, but if you’ve had mousse and yogurt, then you’ll get an idea of what I mean.

Breast cancer has affected people I care about. My English teacher from high school had successfully resisted cancer several times, but in 2006, she passed away. Her strength through the treatments was amazing and inspiring. Her influence on a generation of scholars was also significant. Mrs. Penny Sandford taught AP and IB English, and my classmates and I had her for three years through International Baccalaureate years. She taught us to write dialectic journals and read classic literature with a critical eye. I actually don’t read the Classics any other way, though I’ve stopped highlighting and analyzing sentences now. However, the exercise of examining writings for literary tools truly makes reading rich and interesting.

In addition to giving bloggers samples, you also have the opportunity to enter a drawing to win a grand prize of samples similar to mine. I will select a winner, so look for the directions below. Here’s what you could win:

Your prize pack and your giveaway winner´s prize pack will contain:
A 16 oz. box of Total cereal
VIP coupons valid for one box of Cheerios and Multigrain Cheerios cereal and one cup of Yoplait yogurt
Betty Crocker Living with Cancer Cookbook Pink Together Edition, which includes a collection of more than 150 delicious recipes with complete nutrition information and a 32-page Pink Together Survivor Ambassador bonus section that shares inspirational personal stories of survival as well as recipes
Water bottle and removable silicone awareness bracelet
Drawstring sport backpack
Rhinestone ear buds

To enter the drawing, you must be a new follower of my blog and of my Facebook page. Then answer this question: What is your favorite cancer fighting food? I will select one winner on October 30th.  Two runners up will also receive coupons for samples of Green Giant’s Steamers vegetables. 

You can follow the Pink Together campaign on Facebook and watch videos of survivors and loved ones of cancer patients on YouTube.  In memory of Mrs. Sandford, here is my favorite Emily Dickinson poem, which we analyzed in English class. This poem and many others can be found on Poets.org.

Fame is a fickle food (1659)
by Emily Dickinson
Fame is a fickle food
Upon a shifting plate
Whose table once a
Guest but not
The second time is set.

Whose crumbs the crows inspect
And with ironic caw
Flap past it to the Farmer's Corn –
Men eat of it and die.

"Disclosure: The Pink Together prize pack, information and coupons have been provided free of charge by General Mills through MyBlogSpark."