At the beginning of each quarter, the chefs will teach the students how to cook some of the dishes. This is particularly helpful because we operate rather independently of each other once we start cooking on the line. Chef Vicky demonstrated the pizza dough rolling and prepping method, and then we had a chance to experiment. Good thing our first tries weren’t sold to the public.

It seems that lots of us knew to bring camera phones the first days, because it’s pretty hard to remember everything covered during the presentations.

Here is my photo reel of the pizza demo.

Flour your board – see the dough we made to the chef’s left?!

Portion control!

Gently roll the dough; you shouldn’t need to put much weight on the pin
Or you can pick it up and stretch it (maybe she could, but I couldn’t)
Spread onto the pan (We used full sheet pans because we were doing student lunch)
Now you try! Rob is trying to help me with my awkward method
We divided into groups. Lyle worked while we watched

Apparently it takes some concentration