Tourists wandering around the Pike Place Market have probably explored the shops that face the Pike Place Ave. ´╗┐Chocoholic tourists will have zoomed in on the Chocolate Box, a store that is actually just one sister of the stores that sit next to it. The 106 Pine wine store and Simply Seattle Stores are also related to the Chocolate Box. The result is a perfectly Seattle-style chocolate and wine experience.
The chocolatey smell that wafts around the store occasionally escapes onto the street and usually entices a shopper to wander the store. I was one such buyer. First, when you enter the store, you are greeted by a circular counter top and friendly staff. They maintain glass display cases that house some of the notable chocolates made in the Seattle area, like Frans, Theo’s, and Oh! Chocolate. They also have Claudio Corallo Chocolate, my personal favorite chocolatier at the edge of the South Lake Union neighborhood.
You can purchase individual chocolates, packages of chocolate selections, and gift packages. The prices range from less than $1 to quite a bit more. Each employee has his or her favorite chocolate, so if you’re trying to find a gift for someone, you’ll definitely receive plenty of suggestions and ideas.
In addition to shopping, you can order some of their sweet temptations and enjoy them there.
Truffles, chocolates, and a few other sweets are available a la carte.
They also serve gelato, a rich and creamy ice cream-like dessert. The flavors are often creative, like nut and fruit flavors, chocolate, and some unusual ones, like chocolate hazelnut, pistachio, and tiramisu. My mom and I like getting gelato when I’m in Colorado, so I always note when businesses offer it. Okay, Mom, we have to go here next time you’re in town! If gelato isn’t your thing, there are also pastries and cakes that probably have your name written on them.

Since The Chocolate Box is adjacent to 106 Pine, a wine retailer and tasting room, you should buy a few chocolate samples and ask the wine stewards to provide you a glass of wine to complement the selections. This way, you’ll get to enjoy another treasure of the Northwest: wine. Is there really a better pairing than chocolate and wine?