The blog writing world could seem like a lonely one, but if you start telling others that you’re a blogger, you might find it’s a lot less lonely than just you and your computer. For example, I’ve gotten to know Keren Brown through…well….the courage to write her after reading one of her posts. Keren is the Frantic Foodie and the founder of Foodportunity, a public event that gathers foodies, bloggers, chefs, and professionals together and enables them to network. It’s pretty darn cool. There are several bloggers at the culinary arts program too, including Anne Livingston, the author of Bring to Boil, and Kim Cozzetto Maynard, of Kitchen Collaboration. In fact, Anne and Keren are good friends, and Kim and I just got together to bake pies for Tuesday, July 5th’s Pie Party, on Facebook. The world is small….and it’s full of foodies. 

Writing has also afforded me some cool and random opportunities. I’ve gotten connected with CSN, an online store that sells everything from books to patio sets. They have a decent collection of cookware too. If you’ve read my blog for very long, then you’ll know that a few readers have won some prizes from answering questions on my blog. I’ve also gotten to demo some fun things. 
Well, this time, I guest blogged for CSN’s blog. They wanted to to write a piece about their bakeware. Pretty easily done. But this time, I wrote about the importance of mis en place. I know, big surprise, right? Well, it’s really true. Anyway, if you want to see the post, you’ll have to go to their site and check it out. Enjoy! 
If you’d like to have me guest blog for you, or better yet, if you’d like to collaborate on a cooking project, just contact me!