Ryan Miller is a passionate chef and instructor who serves our community by hosting the Community Kitchen, a cooking program that invites people of all walks of life and skills to gather together and cook.

 I interviewed him last year for the Pike Place Market News, and our friendship has blossomed. He was a barista and culinary creator for Seattle Coffee Works for almost a year, and now he serves really creative coffee drinks at Fonte, a coffee roaster and cafe in the Four Seasons Hotel.

He dedicates his free time to hosting Community Kitchens throughout Seattle and by teaching cooking classes to groups of other people. This year, he expects enrollment at the Community Kitchens to grow thanks to the volunteer help of individuals who keep spreading the word. I hope he finds ways to monetize his efforts, because he does such a good thing.

He spent some time helping me sharpen my knives, and I am so grateful. Culinary school has been so effective in growing my culinary knowledge by leaps and bounds, but sometimes I like to seek out some additional one-on-one training. It helps me learn more, and it helps the teacher become comfortable with teaching a skill. Ryan is a natural mentor and teacher, so here is the video I filmed of him teaching me to sharpen a knife.

If you want a higher quality video with some more details, you can also check out Rouxbe’s instructional videos. Just click on the link, and it will bring you to the lesson page. You can watch all of the videos or just select the sharpening video.


Follow Ryan on his blog and come to the next Community Kitchen.