One of the fun activities that Josh and I like to do together is taste wine. We really started getting into wine tasting when we visited Santa Barbara while in college. The winery that we toured graciously walked us through a wine tasting, and from there we have been hooked. When some close friends of ours lived in Albuquerque, we went to a wine tasting outside Santa Fe and sampled Black Beauty. When we went to Vancouver Island, we toured a winery operated by the Cowichan tribe. Just last fall, we joined our alumni group for a wine tasting and tour of Chateau Ste. Michelle, in Woodinville. When we stay at B&Bs for our anniversary, one of the things we do is visit a local winery.

And now I’ve learned that we don’t have to go far for some local Northwestern wine tasting.
106 Pine, just across from the Pike Place Market, hosts different wineries in small wine tastings on Thursday afternoons. Representatives, the owners, and the sommeliers of notable and new wineries travel to 106 Pine, bringing selections of the wines they create. In addition, they sell bottles of wines from around the Northwest region, and you can usually find popular wines tucked among some less easily recognized labels. This gives you the opportunity to select your favorite wine and then have the wine experts guide you to a new bottle that you may not have tried just yet.
The darkly lit store is laden with bottles and bottles if wine, but the store also sells wine tasting accompaniments, like crackers, some cheese, and some other food items to go along with your glass of wine. Books, maps, journals, and other items that help to enhance the wine tasting experience. The store is small enough that you will probably receive one-on-one customer care, if you don’t hit it during a tour or a rush, and you can ask the wine experts for ideas about gifts or for designing your own wine tasting.